People may wonder what is the relation between VOIP and Online Casinos. Before going to that, let us understand a bit about Online Casinos. Casinos are nothing but a building where several varieties of gambling activities takes place. The most popular casino games are Slots, Black Jack, Poker, Wheel of Fortune etc. Casinos are more popular in the USA and Europe compared to the rest of the world.

So you have to go to the casino in person to take part in the gambling.

What is Online Casino?

Online Casinos provides the user an opportunity to play casino games from their home itself. It is also called Virtual Casino. The things that are needed for playing are a computer with keyboard, broadband internet connection and VOIP (Depends on the type of Casino).

There are 4 types of Online Casinos.

  • Web based Casinos – The user/player visits the casino website, registers on it by making a small deposit and plays the game. Some casinos do not need any deposit.
  • Download based Casinos – The user/player downloads the casino software to their computer and plays the game offline. The software makes a connection with the casino company without help from the browser. This is faster than Web based casinos.
  • Virtual casinos – The user/ player interacts with a server which runs a predefined algorithm for getting the result. It works well for single player games.
  • Live dealer casinos – The user/player interacts with a real person located at the casino and instructs him/her to make the move.

How VOIP provides communication jobs at Online casinos?

VOIP plays a major role in Live dealer casino games and offers communications jobs to lots of people. In this game, the user/player interacts with the real person or dealer with the help of VOIP communications. The user/player calls the dealer using VOIP and communicates his/her ideas or moves to play the game.