What is Digital Home?

Digital Home is nothing but a smart home where all kinds of appliances are connected to the same broadband internet network and can be controlled easily. For eg. the temperature of an Air Conditioning System can be controlled from the internet browser. The ceiling fan or light can be controlled using a mobile phone. Instead of using a traditional landline system, the IP phone can be used for communication. Some companies even connect the home security systems to VOIP.

To put it simply, the home is completely digitized.

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  • Using an IP phone saves lot of money and provides many excellent features when compared with traditional phones. It is possible to make a conference call involving more than 2 people. Voicemail can be configured and retrieved easily in the form of sound or text. International calls are very cheaper and there is no need to care about the duration of call.
  • In a digital home, more energy can be saved easily as the appliances are controlled digitally. It is possible to switch off the Air Conditioner if the room is unoccupied or adjust the cooling according to the room temperature automatically. The lights in the bathroom can be switched off automatically once the person leaves and the door is closed. So a digital home is an energy saving home.


  • The only drawback in using an IP phone is that it needs a power supply. When there is no power, the phone won’t work unlike the traditional phone which works without power.
  • It is not advisable to connect the home security system to VOIP because there is no power backup. If the power is lost, the security system cannot work properly.
  • As everything is digitally controlled, it reduces the physical activity of the people living in the home and makes them very lazy.