Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It has entirely changed the views and communication of the entire universe. If it does not work for a minute, the whole world will be frozen.

The first website was developed and released on August 6 1991. This day is the birthday of the internet and now it is 25 years old. From 1991 till today, the internet has grown very rapidly from a seed to a big tree.

Most important milestones

Though many new inventions are being created in the world of the internet, given below are the most important of them:


Emails were the only way of communication till 1998. Even today it is used for communication between companies. Nowadays it is less used for personal use.

Instant Messengers (IM)

IMs like Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger dominated the cyber world from 1998 to 2009. It is used for sending/receiving text messages, emoticons, small files etc.


Social networking

February 2004 is another important date to be remembered as it is the birthday of Facebook. It has created another revolution in the cyber world and helped users to connect with many people at a time. Facebook created a new way of sharing information for the people.

VOIP communications

VOIP communications is another revolution developed using the internet. It created a new way of phone communication between people using the internet instead of the traditional phone line. It saves a lot of money for customers in residential as well as the business sector.

Video conferencing

It is now possible to conduct meetings virtually using video conferencing without going to the location. This feature is very useful for small as well as big companies as it saves a lot of money. The sessions can also be recorded for later use.

Today, the Internet has become the main source of income for many individuals as well as companies. Those companies should remember August 6 (Birthday of Internet) and can celebrate it by giving gifts or discounts to their customers.