• Internet – A Quick Journey

    Internet – A Quick Journey

    Introduction Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It has entirely changed the views and communication of the entire universe. If it does not work for a minute, the whole world […]

  • VOIP Communications – Online Casinos

    VOIP Communications – Online Casinos

    Introduction People may wonder what is the relation between VOIP and Online Casinos. Before going to that, let us understand a bit about Online Casinos. Casinos are nothing but a building where several varieties of […]

  • VOIP Communications – Gigabit Internet

    VOIP Communications – Gigabit Internet

    Introduction Before understanding the gigabit internet, it is necessary to understand how the speed of the broadband internet connection is measured. Generally the speed of the internet connection is measured in Megabits per second or […]

  • VOIP Communications – Benefits of using VOIP

    VOIP Communications – Benefits of using VOIP

    Introduction VOIP has really brought a revolution in the communications world. It has the changed the way of communication between two people using a phone. It offers lot of benefits, not only to residential customers, […]

  • VOIP Communications and Internet – Digital Home

    VOIP Communications and Internet – Digital Home

    What is Digital Home? Digital Home is nothing but a smart home where all kinds of appliances are connected to the same broadband internet network and can be controlled easily. For eg. the temperature of […]

  • VOIP Communications – IP Telephony

    VOIP Communications – IP Telephony

    Introduction IP (Internet Protocol) telephony is the fast developing technology that is slowly replacing the traditional telephony that was implemented using Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN). It is implemented fully using IP based networks which […]

  • VOIP Communications – Hosted VOIP

    VOIP Communications – Hosted VOIP

    What is Hosted VOIP? Hosted VOIP is also known as Hosted PBX. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. As the name indicates, it is a private telephone network located within and used by the company. […]